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Virtual Payments

Smart. Simple. Secure.
+ White Glove Service.
Virtual Payments


A virtual payment is a next-generation payment vehicle that electronically remits B2B funds. Also known as electronic or e-payments, virtual payments eliminate cost, time and risk associated with paper checks while preserving benefits of a single-use format. Each transaction is issued for an exact dollar amount using a unique 16-digit number. Our virtual pay clients streamline processing, reduce costs, and generate new revenue―earning the highest percentage rebate available on AP spend.


AMG's virtual payment program sets industry-leading standards.

Intelligent spend analysis. High-powered vendor matching. Payment optimization to maximize your effective rebate, up to 2%.

Works with any ERP, no IT involvement. Intuitive interface + sophisticated reporting. Streamline AP process with a single payment file. 

Propriety encrypted software built for, and backed by, Amazon Web Services PCI Compliant Cloud. Secure, reliable and scalable.

No integration fee. Unmatched initial and ongoing vendor enrollment. 3-week implementation has you saving and earning fast.

AMG AP Cloud™

The AMG AP Cloud™ is our proprietary, cloud-based virtual payment software. It integrates easily with any ERP, acting as an extension of your AP software and mapping the native file export. The AMG AP Cloud simplifies and automates B2B payments, with sophisticated tracking and reporting functionality that offers greater visibility into, and control over, AP process.


Finally, B2B payments have evolved.

How It Works


Our software understands thousands of native ACH, Wire & Check file formats as well as delimited or Excel type files. We use this payment information to match your vendor payments against our database of over 1.3 million accepting vendors.


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Intelligent Spend Analysis


A confidential analysis of your AP spend is the first step to unlocking virtual payment value. Our Smart AP Summary provides unmatched detail of your supplier landscape, offering a real-time view of your rebate revenue potential.

High-Powered Vendor Match


The AMG Supplier Match is our unique vendor matching solution, powered by our partner’s extensive payment network database and our comprehensive research and analysis. We use it to quickly identify the potential increase to your bottom line.

Monthly Rebate


Our virtual program offers a rebate on your AP spend, paid monthly. No caveats, no limits. Our payment optimization methodology ramps rebate revenue quickly, converting maximum spend to your virtual program.


Any ERP, No IT


The AMG AP Cloud integrates easily with any ERP, no IT involvement on your end. Think of it as an extension of your accounting software. It maps your ERP output and translates it to virtual payment code for processing.

Intuitive Interface


An intuitive, user-friendly interface makes payment processing, tracking and reporting a breeze. You'll gain the ability to quickly slice and share payment data, which offers powerful insight into procurement strategy.

Single Payment File


Streamline AP process by sending a single payment file from your ERP. Our software translates and automates each payment to enrolled vendors. You gain valuable time to focus on higher-level tasks and strategy.


Built-for-Cloud Solution


The AMG AP Cloud was built for the cloud using Microsoft design practice and products. Unlike legacy software “fitted” for cloud computing, ours is a true cloud-based solution that resides in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) PCI Compliant Cloud.

Industry Leading Security


Our encrypted software is backed by Amazon Web Services' data center and network architecture. This PCI compliant cloud server is trusted by the most security-sensitive organizations, including the CIA, Department of Defense, and National Security Agency.

Reliable & Scalable


The power of Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) makes AMG AP Cloud instantly scalable. As demand increases and computing requirements change, our software functions at top performance with rapid reporting response.


Fast, Easy Integration


Once you’ve decided to go virtual, we can have you automating payments in just 3 weeks. It’s that fast and easy. Immediately you’ll see cost reduction, improved time management, increased AP visibility…and your monthly rebate.

Strategic Enrollment


The key to optimizing your payment program is strategic enrollment. While other providers start with―and often stop at―“low-hanging fruit” accounts, we leverage our analytics suite to quickly identify and enroll your largest suppliers first.

Best-in-Class Service


No bank or e-payment provider offers the personalized and hands-on implementation, enrollment and ongoing support services that we do. Our clients love our customer service. Just ask them!

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